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If you want your business to look professional, copy and pasting an important document into an online translator isn't going to cut it. When you rely on a professional translator from Vice-Versa Translations, you get a person who speaks the language every day. Your writing will appear natural to potential clients.

About Vice-Versa Translation Services, Inc.

Vice-Versa Translations, has experienced enormous growth over the years. We started out translating one Procter & Gamble brand in 1994, and today we have helped more than 35 brands.
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George B. Ottoni is the founder and your personal contact at Vice-Versa Translations, which is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise that was founded in March of 1993. He started out doing only Portuguese translations. However, the internet opened up access to talent worldwide, and he expanded that same year, offering translations and typesetting in any language. Here is more information about our president, George Ottoni.
Professional Experience
Professional Translator, 1972 to Present
President/Founder of Vice-Versa Translation Services, Inc., 1993 to Present
Mechanical Engineer, 1980 to 1992
Independent Manufacturer's Representative, 1982 to 1983

Instituto Brasil — Estados Unidos, 1968 to 1972 
University of Michigan, 1972
Universidade Catolica de Petropolis, Brazil, June of 1985

Fields of Expertise
Project Management for Multilingual Translations with Vice-Versa, Inc.
Project Management & Team Leadership at GE Aircraft Engines

Bilingual (English & Portuguese)
Working Knowledge of Spanish & French
Our References
All our clients are happy to share their experience with you. Just pick one that fits your interest and industry profile. We also provided a few testimonials.

GE Aircraft Engines

Consumer Products
Procter & Gamble Company
SCA Group

Printing & Typesetting
Harlan Typographic
Phototype Engraving

Deskey Associates
On Target Media
Landor Associates
LPK Design
Zucker Public Relations, New York
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